FIRST COURSE: Cucumber Mint Salad

Last night I am made a full 3-course meal all with ingredients I purchased locally from the farmers markets and hope to grow soon in my own garden. The other 2 courses will be… Continue reading

On the menu for tonight!

Hello all! Happy Spring and Easter, if you celebrate!!! Tonight, I am making a full 3-course meal all with ingredients I have purchased locally from the farmers markets and hope to grow soon… Continue reading

Cups of Heaven

Valentine’s Day this year was “let’s try a new dessert” day…and it turned out AMAZING!!! Now, the way to make this dessert is somewhat unconventional, but once you get past the way you… Continue reading

Homemade Apple Cider

So after much delay on the blog…I have returned to bring you our homemade apple cider drink! We served this at our holiday party and it was a hit! It is so easy… Continue reading

Beautiful Skin, The Natural Way

Originally posted on This Above All…:
(Clear, healthy skin without any chemicals! I do still get a few “time of the month” breakouts, like you see here, but usually my skin is pretty…

Here Fishy Fishy

I eat fish, mostly salmon, at least 3 times a week. I don’t eat meat so this is the way I can get my necessary proteins. Branden and I went to dinner the… Continue reading

Juicing vs. Blending? You be the judge!

Juicing vs. Blending? You be the judge! (<– click here for article!) People have asked me the difference between juicing and blending and I always say that smoothies are better because you get… Continue reading

14 year old burger?

Do you ACTUALLY know what you are eating? Branden sent me this article regarding a McDonald’s burger that has been around for 14 YEARS! If you had a burger at home for 14… Continue reading

Beer ‘n’ Sear

I have never posted a meat recipe on this blog for several reasons. First, I don’t eat meat; so making this was difficult because I had to handle uncooked meat in my bare… Continue reading

You = what you eat

One of my dear friends from college sent me an email asking me to do a blog that had a diet plan for her. She wanted to know what foods to eat and… Continue reading